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Monday, March 13, 2006

This is my first post. Let's see what happens. I hope this will be good for me and inspirational for someone else. If it is, let me know.

I just had a GREAT weekend! I took 3 from my youth group and my wife to a student conference in Charlotte, NC (InQuest Student Ministries). It was awesome! The speaker, Wade Morris was incredible. The worship, by Spur58 was very good. There was also an illusionist -- WOW.

I'm still wearing the arm band they gave us. My wife asked how long I was going to wear it - I told her I didn't know. I like to wear it a while after I get back from a conference to remind me what went on - what I feel like God spoke to me, the "memories," stuff like that. Maybe I'll cut it off after I do Fusion Bible Study Wednesday night.

ALSO, we got to see the Charlotte Bobcats play! That was great! Raymond Felton played great. He hit 20 points and the Bobcats won! FUN STUFF!

There we go! Cruise on.


Rhonda said...

thanks for the explanation on the lingering arm band. i am praying that it was more than just a "nice" trip for all who went to Charlotte (myself included)

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