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Monday, May 15, 2006

Worship & Procrastination

What do these two have in common? Nothing, unless you procrastinate worshiping.

Worship: I've been spending some time thinking about this. Worship is not really about us. I mean it is in the sense that we are grateful to someone, that something has happened to us that makes us want to worship. But worship is really about the one who is being worshipped. We get all bent out of shape when we don't "enjoy" worship - but do we have that right? We are worshipping in Spirit and in Truth - not in "self-gratification." Next time you are in a worship experience, focus on God not on you. I'll be trying it.

Procrastination: I came home to day (from picking up my 1st grader from school) and was going to mow the lawn. But first... check email. About the time that it would have taken to get the lawn mower out and start on the grass, it started raining - big time. Glad I procrastinated.


Anut Deb said...

This one definitely goes in my blue journal...I've been thinking on similar lines for a while now. Thanks for putting it into words.
Anut Deb

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