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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Done so much - So much to do

Done so much!
I went with our Prime Timers (senior citizens) to Lancaster & Hershey, PA. What a hoot! Those folks are a riot. My wife and I had so much fun.

So much to do!
Our church is hosting the WAYnet One Event tomorrow night (SYATP). I'm a wreck. I want it to go well, but... I'm not sure we are ready. We just do the best we can and then trust God for the rest. I know it will be great, it will be exactly what God wants. I'll let you know how it goes later.


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Rick said...

praying for you dude...I too have picked up add'l responsibilities that's stretching me.

Let me know how the SYATP thing goes - so proud of my son - he went to the middle school one this AM - first time - way to go GOD!