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Friday, February 23, 2007

Dinner and a Cause

My wife and I went to the Wilson Pregnancy Center Banquet - it was very nice. They had a silent auction. Rhonda and I bid on two items and the good/bad news... we won both of them. One is a one-year membership to Regency Athletic Club. When the director announced me as the winner, she said, "Good luck with that one." OK, she knows me. She is a volunteer in my youth group, my new Assistant Sunday School Superintendent and good friend. What did she mean, "Good luck with that one." Hmmmmm.

We also bid and won a large basket full of ... stuff. It had coffees, pasta mixes, and lots of other stuff in a very cool bowl. Rhonda really like it. I thought it was pretty cool.

Anyway, the $$$ went to help the Pregnancy Center. We had a very nice time. There was a humorist - very funny. One thing I really liked was that they didn't really "push" the Pregnancy Center. They did give an opportunity for you to give a one-time gift or an ongoing gift, but they didn't beg. Hey, if I didn't believe in the cause, I wouldn't have paid for the dinner or bid on the items. Very well done.

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