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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Me Happenings

I just check my MySpace and I posted a blog there. Well, here it is ... here... to.

Anyway, just thought I'd drop in and here's a bit of news...

1. getting ready for WAYnet (Wilson Area Youth workers network) were I serve a coordinator and I have for the last 2 or 3 years. I'm getting ready to pass it on. I still want to be actively involved, stay on the board, but let someone new step in... but who?

2. I'm still at Shiloh with no real intentions of leaving

3. my oldest is getting ready to turn 8 - ahhhhhh

4. I just got a new Church Education Ministries board. I installed them in the morning service Sunday. I think they will be great. They want to go out to dinner for our first meeting. I'm sure that means they want me to pay... which means the CEM dept. will have to pay.

5. I just ordered cable TV - for the first time ever I'll be paying to watch the TV. I wanted DirecTV, but we have too many trees in our back yard to get reception. Oh well. We'll see how it goes. I hate to pay to watch TV.

6. We just had our 4th annual Super Bowl party and Chili Cook-off. Becky won with Larry one point behind. Ummmmm, Chili.

7. Yes, I'm still a Tar Heel fan and proud to admit it. Miracles do happen, just ask NC State. It won't happen again. Wednesday night we get Duke. That game will rock. Go Heels!

8. Eight already? Hmmmmm - I love my Wife! Well, that should be number 1! I'm taking her to a marriage conference - Family Life, Weekend to Remember. No, we are NOT in trouble. It's gonna be fun!

9. I'm too busy to be posting blogs. Gotta stop.

10. thanks for reading - now comment!!

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Rick said...

well, welcome to last century by getting cable tv - if you want to join this century, go cut some trees down and order directv w/dvr - it's a stewardship issue for me - wait until 15 minutes after the show stops, then watch it by fast forwarding through the commercials - so, cut some trees.
Also, must see tv is: 24 (the BEST freakin' show ever - can i say that on a youth pastor's blog?); also, Lost, The Apprentice and of course, SportsCenter!

consider yourself posted - now, return the fav...