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Monday, March 19, 2007

Catch 'um up

Been out of it for a while. For the past week I've been sick - sit in the La-Z-Boy and moan kinda sick. Of course for a guy whose wife will take care of him that doesn't have to be very sick. We like to whine and moan at the least sign of "I don't feel good." BUT, I really was sick - went to Immediate care Wednesday and was check for pneumonia and they checked my blood. At first the nurse couldn't find a vein, then when she "thought" she did... no blood. I told her I was empty. She didn't laugh. Good news - no pneumonia, but I'm still not really well. Ran a fever most of the week.

So this is a catch up and then I've got plans for some posts - a journey God is taking me through - serous stuff.

NCAA - right now my one tournament bracket that I submitted to ESPN is hitting 77.3 %. Pretty good? Well, I'm also number 667844. Try this link to see my bracket. Maybe it will work. Not sure how many people entered, but 77.3% is pretty good. So far I'm perfect in the San Antonio bracket (with Ohio State). I've, of course, got UNC to win it all. Yes, I'm a homer - but, come on - if they play to their potential... they will run away with the championship. Problem is they've not played to their potential very often.

My new journey - here is part of it (I'll try to develop it the next couple of weeks).

1. Dare2Share - check them out. We had one of their guys come speak to our Youth Pastor's network and then to our students. Great stuff. Here is the deal - are you sharing your faith... on a regular basis? Tough question, but what was the last thing Jesus asked us to do? "Go and make disciples." Well, that sounds a lot like sharing your faith and then following up on the baby Christian.

2. Discipleship - what is it? how are we doing? where are we doing it? is it Sunday School? does it even happen at church?

3. Church Growth - are we tracking who is coming? where are they? who is greeting? how do we know if we've succeeded? I've got some ideas - I'll share later

4. Personal Spiritual Growth - is this sacrificed in the name of "religion"? who is doing it? does church count? what kind of grade would God give you?

5. there is more, but that is enough for now

kinda overwhelming

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Rick said...

sooooo much to comment on...dealt with the same kind of sick stuff also.

sounds like a lot is rambling around in your mind in regard to church/ministry leadership issues - sounds like some good things to think and pray through regarding.