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Friday, April 27, 2007

Communion is MORE

I've been reading Mark Batterson's blog lately (Thanks Rick). Today he posted some thoughts on communion that he got from Rob Bell. I found them very enlightening. I'll be thinking on this for a while, chewing on it so to speak. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Here is Mark talking about what he heard Rob Bell speaking about:

He talked about the eucharist. And used the phrase body broken, blood poured. And then he said something that's never even crossed my mind: leadership is a reenactment of the eucharist. In a sense, our bodies our broken and our blood is poured. Not in the substitionary sense of what Jesus accomplished as a sinless sacrifice. But maybe "do this" in the phrase "do this in remembrance of me" isn't just a reference to the act of communion. Maybe it has broader ramifications. Maybe "do this" means do what I've done. In a sense, we are a living eucharist.

Wow, that's a twist on what we've always heard and taught. Of course we know we are to be like Christ. After all that is what "Christian" means - "little Christ." This just makes it more - WOW!

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me said...

yea, this one was powerful for me as well...batterson (and bell) both have a great way of saying old things in new ways