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Monday, April 30, 2007

Pearls Before Breakfast

Have you read the article in the Washington Post, Pearls Before Breakfast? You must. It is about master violinist, Josh Bell, playing is violin as a street musician at the entrance to the Metro. He is playing great music, music people pay to here. He is playing on a 3 1/2 million $$ Stradivarius. Guess what, people just keep walking. Very few stop and only one recognize him. He played for almost an hour.

Read it and think about this:

God is playing music for us, His music of love for us. So many just walk on by. What is wrong with our Ears and Eyes? Why don't we recognize Him? There is noting wrong with Him, He is perfect, true and real.

What do you think?

(My pastor preached using this article as his main illustration. Very well done.)

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