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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Technorati nerd stuff

Just signed up with Technorati (mostly because my old college roommate did - not that he's "old" - OK, a little old ). They said my ranking is 86,228 out of... a bunch other blogs I guess. I'm not sure I understand it all. My old roomie is 104,993. How about that Rick?

I put some kind of tracking stuff on my blog. Maybe that will work.

So, what's going on? It seems like everything. Getting ready for Easter and some family time next week - the kids are out of school for Spring Break. NO, we are not going to the beach!

Still getting over the 'Heels getting bounced out of the NCAA tourney - I think at least one game too early.

Cool news - our very own Barton College - located right here in Wilson, NC won the NCAA Div. 2 National Championship (Basketball). That is VERY cool. National Champs! Yes, it is Division 2, but still - National Champs! Wilson has treated them very well.

Proud to be in Wilson!

later on,

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