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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Are you a practical athiest?

I just read this post by Craig Croeschel. It is VERY good. No, I'm not an athiest, but I identify with what Craig is saying sometimes.

Sometimes I’m a “practical atheist.”
Spiritually, I believe in God. But practically, I live as if He doesn’t exist.
If I REALLY trusted God, I wouldn’t worry so much.
If I REALLY believed it was His church and not mine, I’d sleep better.
If I REALLY believed in prayer, I’d spend less time strategizing and more time on my knees.
What about you?
Fill in the blanks:
If I REALLY believed _____________, I’d _______________.
I pray God stirs our hearts to live as if we really believe!

Wow, what do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Wow.... yes. I am a youth pastor as well and lately GOd has been revelaing the lack of trust... faith in my life. What I say does not match the internal dialogue and thus actions in my life. It was scary. Thanks for saying it out loud... I am not the only one. God increase our faith and give us an ability to keep our eyes fixed on you and not people or circumstances!