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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Home Again

I sat out of another church service tonight. I was planning to go, I feel better, but the voice of reason... my wife... says no. She's right I was diagnosed with pneumonia Monday a week ago. They said it would take at least 3 weeks to recover and it has been only a week and a half. I feel better, but the nurse said that I would catch something (cold, flu) from someone more eaisly with the pneumonia.

So, what am I learning?
<+> I've enjoyed the break, but I'm ready to get back to work.
<+> I can find lots of stuff to do... while not really doing anything - playing on the computer, sudoko, cleaning out some old files, filing receipts, and ... more stuff, stuff, stuff...
<+> I'm still dealing with procrastination - I've had a week and a half to work on my Sunday night youth service (if I get to go) and I've not really worked on it.
<+> I really miss my church family.

So, here I sit... again. Good thing, I got to watch UNC beat up on NCSU and right now Miami is beating Duke - it's a good night... so far. Go Heels, Go Canes.

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