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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lessons from the Kids

I'm home today with Rachel, my youngest. She was running a fever. It is also Sunday. While I'm actually on the "paid" staff, my wife is more "needed" on Sunday mornings. She leads worship. Most of what I do on Sundays is done in advance and then I just ... work on Sunday (help in our Sunday School class - Rhonda leads discussion, help in Kids Zone, hang out with people, etc.). ANYWAY, I told Rachel that I had a surprise for her later and to let me know when she needed a surprise. Well, just about the time I get busy on something, she informs me that she needs her surprise. I told her to wait - which she did. Then I thought, "that was lame." I had told her to tell me when she needed a surprise and then when she did, I made her wait. Lesson learned? NO! I told her she could get on Webkinz when she put away what she was playing with in the living room. She did and again I was in the middle of something and made her wait. Maybe I learned the second time.

Lesson: when you offer something, give it in a timely manner.

She was a good sport. She was very patient.

Can you think of other lessons to be learned?

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