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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Free Music

I hooked up with iTickets.com a while back. They let you know about concerts in the area - of course sometimes the "area" is REALLY big, but they do let you know what is around. If you sign up (free - get a password and user name), they will send you free music. They tell you one free song (MP3) each week. Usually it is at least two and sometimes 4 or 5. This week I got 4. 2 that I really like already and the other 2 are good. Sometimes it will be a song I'm not interested in keeping, but most of the time I like it. This week I got: (check it out)

"Love Is On The Move"
by the artist Leeland
from the album Love Is On The Move

"You're Not Shaken"
by the artist Phil Stacey
from the album Into the Light

by the artist Our Heart's Hero
from the album Our Heart's Hero

"Waitin' on You"
by the artist Stephanie Smith
from the album Not Afraid

Tell 'em "Jeff sent ya." It won't get you anything, but it might make them wonder, "Is there a 'Jeff sent ya' promotion." That would be kinda funny - of course you will never know what happened on their end... but you can imagine.

Anyway, good and free music. Nice combo.

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