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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Peace - that is my topic for my youth message Sunday night. It comes from the fruit of the spirit in Galatians 5. What do you think peace is - the peace the Bible talks about, the peace that God talks about giving? Is it just - tranquility and lack of anything upsetting? Is it just a lack of war, stress or strife? I don't think so. Read the lives of people in the Bible - stress free? NOT! Absence of strife - NO WAY! Just look at Paul or better yet look at JESUS! He had some real strife in His life. If people were not out to get everything could from Him they were trying to kill Him. Could He really have had peace? Not like we think of peace.

How about think about it like this? When you are watching a movie and the main character is in a situation where you know he should die or at least let the damsel in distress die. BUT, you know how the movie ends. SO, you get caught up in the drama, "he could die!", while you KNOW that he will not. That is the kind of peace God gives. That is the kind of peace in Galatians 5. We can get caught up in the drama of our lives - BUT we know that God is in control. He has promised not to leave us. He is our Strong Tower. HE IS! That is peace.

Not a removal of war, stress and strife - But the presence of God.

"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear NO evil." (Psalm23) That is Peace. Evil is there. We see it, we feel it, we walk next to it. But can it getcha? God says "no." That is good enough for me --- most days. (hey I'm not perfect).

Well, I've gotta go. Ball game is on. I don't care who wins - my Heels are out, but it IS March Madness - gotta watch. Oh, and Duke fell. Does that make them "underachievers?"



Rick said...

unbelievable March madness...glad i didn't fill out a bracket...keep the posts coming man...fyi - here's a link to a site GIVING away all their resources (graphics, videos, etc) for free to churches - check it out...

Anut Deb said...

Wow...it's July...I'm just finding your blog. Thanks for sharing the address with me...this is awesome about peace. It's probably going in my blue journal! : )

Anonymous said...

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