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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Today... again

So it is "today" again. Funny how that works out. I've gotten the kids off to school, my wife to work and I've already had a breakfast meeting and been to see my CEM secretary to get some business done. Whew! Now I'm here writing... you... or is that writing me? Soon I'll be in the office getting it done.

I read where one sports guy has UNC in the final 4. Dare we dream? Could it be? Or should we put all our hopes in the women winning a National Championship? Go Heels.

Well, I need to roll out of here. Lots to do.

Speaking of lots to do, I've been thinking... Why do we "do" what we do - for Jesus that is? Is it in the name of "religion"? Is it because we are expected to "do" stuff? Are we just not busy enough? I think it has to be a "HEART" think first. Yes, I can serve somewhere just because I want to or it is expected, but over the long haul... it MUST be a heart issue. I have to REALLY believe in WHO Jesus is and WHAT He has done for me. If not - I won't be doing this very long. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

UNC in the final four is possible!

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