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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday - rest day?

It's Saturday! A day to play and rest... right? Not for me. My wife is at a Women's conference with our church, I'm finishing up my youth message for Fusion Live (our Sunday night youth service), watching my two girls and getting ready for round two of the NCAAs. What a first round. I did NOT pick all those upsets. I am excited UNC pulled off the win. Hopefully they will have an easier time with the next opponent. Whew, it was closer that I expected.

"Win and Advance" was echoed by Jim Calhoun, coach of UConn. They almost lost, ALMOST. But they did advance. That is what the tourney is all about. But is that a reflection of life? Win and Advance - Lose and go home? That sounds like a "world view." "Win at any cost." But is that really what life is all about? Maybe it's about the journey. Maybe its about helping others on that journey. When I've been all about ME, I've been left lonely, but when I've been a servant, helping others, looking out for someone else - I've felt more fulfilled.

Jesus said, "I came to serve, not to be served." Hmmmm, there's a thought.

Where do you stand? Winning is everything, no matter who you hurt! OR Do you look out for others - their feelings, their wellbeing, their journey.

Just wondering,

go heels-


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