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Monday, April 03, 2006

yea Herb

Happy Monday! Well it's raining here. I'm home with my youngest. Right now we are listening to the hokey-pokey (what if that really IS what "it's all about"?).

Any NCSU fans out there? Well, Herb is gone. I'm not a NCSU fan, but I recognize what Herb has meant to NCSU. They had gone 6 years without a winning season until he came. He has taken them to the NCAAs. He is graduating students. He really turned the program around. No they can't beat UNC - that's just too bad (or good? - I'm a 'heels fan). But come on, give him a break, he's a great coach with no respect. I say good for Herb to get the Arizona St. U. job. I hope he gets to play against NCSU sometime soon and "beats them like a drum." GO HERB!!!

Youth group wise, we had some big fun this weekend. My youth group and I spoofed the Power Team on video. We took the feats of strength they do (bending metal bars, blowing up hot water bottles, breaking bricks with their heads, running through 2x4s, breaking out of handcuffs, tearing phone books, etc.) and redid them. We tore coloring books, broke out of plastic handcuffs, blew up a regular balloon, lifted paper towel rolls and stuff like that. I guess you would have had to see it. The youth look real serious when they did it. Very funny, very fun.

Check out this silly link: Man in the Dark -- not sure what to say about it. It's fun for a couple of minutes, then ... Well, just try it.

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