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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lying, Rolling, Family Time and FREE DVDs

Lying - My stomach lied to me. Is that possible? I ate a ham bagel for breakfast yesterday and then about 11:30 Rhonda (my lovely wife) called me to meet her at Cubbies. Ummmm that was good. We split a Cubbies Bacon & Cheeseburger with an order of fries and onion rings. Our favorite waitress was there - Alisa. OK about my stomach lying. About 2 hours later, my stomach growled, "gggrrrrrr". I'm thinking, "Ha, I'm not hungry." Has your stomach ever growled? Surely not!

Rolling - Yes the Atlanta Braves are on a roll. The are spitting out runs at a fascinating clip. Will they catch the Mets? I hope so. That would rock and probably get someone in the Mets Org. fired. Now I don't want anyone to loose their job, but, BAM! Here come the Braves.

Family Time - I struggle with making family time. I get so busy at work (I work at a church, Church Education Dir. AND Youth Pastor - If the Women, Men or Pastor doesn't do it... I do). I have to really work on family time - time with my beautiful children and wonderful wife. Tonight we went to
Parkers to eat with the Bible Class (senior citizens). If you like Carolina style BBQ... Parkers is for you. Ummm good. After Parkers BBQ we went to the library. They are doing some children's stuff some nights. It is good. I've been taking them. This is the first time Rhonda has been able to go. This brings me to my final point...

library lets you borrow DVDs and VHS movies... for free. Am I the only one that gets excited about this? One person said, "They are probably just old stuff." But they are NOT. I've rented - oops - BORROWED: Troy, Helen of Troy, Racing Stripes, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and the new Starsky & Hutch movie. Tonight we borrowed Robots -- all DVDs. That is like $25 everywhere else.

Better go. The Braves are playing and I've got a movie to watch.


Rhonda said...

For a family who doesn't eat out often, we sure have been out a lot this week - with more to come. Oh well! I enjoyed Racing Stripes. I am thankful that you are working on making time with us.

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