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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Ok - I'm an Atlanta Braves fan, always been one. I guess growing up they were ALWAYS on TBS. I was a fan even in the 80's when if they one 2 in a row, you felt like it was party time.

Here is where perspective comes in. If the Braves were up 12 or 13 games in their division, I'd be thinking another division title is in the bag. BUT, right now, the Braves are 13 games out of first with the New York Mets playing great ball. BUT (lots of "buts" today) I think the Braves still have a chance. I think they can take the Mets. Why? Because of my perspective. I'm a Braves fan.

What about in real life? (no pro sports is NOT real life - sorry) If you always believe the worse about your day or you don't think God cares about you, maybe it's your perspective. Maybe your not really a fan. It is hard to sometimes. I don't always believe the Braves are going to come from behind to win (and this year they are struggling with that). But God is never going to let you down. He always wins.

Hope this helps!

coming soon - my family/youth group trip to Kings Dominion.


Rick said...

the braves are by no means out of the picture - the last half of their schedule is jammed with home games and they've finally figured out how to win at home AND how to win series (2 out of 3; 3 out of 4, etc.)...come to GA and we'll go see 'em...

Anonymous said...

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