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Thursday, July 06, 2006

What a day!

Let's see. First a very good friend on mine told me he was moving (ahhhhh). Then I worked on Kids Zone (our children's church) and a youth event (not going well) and struggled with what to do for youth service Sunday night (most of my youth are planning to be OUT).

The fun part was going with my family to see "Cars." Great movie. Two thumbs up!

They dinner at home. And a great chat with a great buddy of mine from South Carolina (even though he's a Clemson fan).

BUT - - I've been feeling really low lately. Not sure why, I've got some ideas.

that's all for now.

Pray hard; Rest well


Anut Deb said...

Hey, Bud, what's up with the "little low" stuff? Wanna talk?
Call me. Anut Deb

Anut Deb said...

PS Cars was GREAT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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