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Sunday, September 03, 2006

been a while

Well, its been a while since my last post. Of course, not sure if there are many missing me (not a lot of comments), but anyway... I'm back.

I've been working on my "MySpace" some. I posted some pictures there and I've blogged there a bit too.

My Pastor (and boss) announced he is leaving our church. I got to preach last Sunday (both AM and PM) while he was at another church. I really enjoyed that. My folks came to see me Sunday morning. I missed being with the youth group in the PM service, but the girls were the praise and worship team and they had a song to sing after the alter-call (Grace Flows Down). It was a good day.

yesterday was the start of College Football. It is almost a spiritual experience - is that sad? Well, anyway, UNC lost a tough game. I think they really had a chance, but inexperience proved to be their undoing. Georgia Tech almost knocked off Notre Dame - that would have been sweet.

Tonight is youth service. I'm really looking forward to being with my students - of course several of them will be gone tonight (most at the lake). I don't blame them. No school tomorrow - I'd cut out if I was them. BUT, I'll miss them!

Maybe more later - it's Sunday - let's rest!

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