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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tooth Fair Adventures, The Mosers & Cookies

Just a couple of things today:

1. Tooth Fairy: my oldest daughter lost a tooth, so we did the "tooth fairy" thing. She left a note asking for a dollar. I didn't know you could make a request - it worked. In the morning she had a buck under her pillow. The BIG DEAL for her was "how can the tooth fairy see in the dark." Like a dummy, I told her she had "bat eyes." Well that scared her - you should have seen the look on her sweet little face. Then I recovered - I told her I was kidding and that the tooth fairy had an invisible flashlight. Well that was ok until she processed the idea that if the light was "invisible" then the tooth fairy wouldn't be able to see it. I had an answer: "the tooth fairy can SEE invisible lights." That seemed to work, everything was fine after that. The tooth is now ... gone and she has a buck. Now the BIG question is "what can you do with a buck?" A bunch more teeth are going to have to come out before she will have anything much.

2. Shout - out to the Moshers. They just became pastors at a church in Fayetteville, NC. Go David and Bobbie! (she doesn't want anyone to know she is "Bobbie Jo" so don't tell anyone). Anyone in Fayetteville, check out Baywood Church!

3. Have you had "Dark York Peppermint Patty Cookies"? These WILL be served in Heaven! Oh My!. WOW! I can't wait to get back home just to have one and savor is oh-so goodness.

4. I guess that's it. Now all I can think about are those cookies. Ummmmmm.

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Rick said...

Give it up man...your kids are way smarter than you - better let Rhonda handle these situations from henceforth