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Friday, November 24, 2006

BIG honor

This past Sunday I had a big honor. I baptized 8 at our church - all from our Kids Zone. The BIG honor was that one of them was my daughter. I know that not every youth pastor is allowed to baptize the youth of their church - and I am grateful that I am, but to baptize your daughter is really cool. I also baptized my niece and nephew. Wow!

Now it is Friday night and I'm once again gearing up for the weekend. Sunday morning I'll be in Kids Zone and Sunday night with the youth group in Fusion Live.

Anyone out there watching Heroes on NBC? I've been watching it. Very interesting.

At a district meeting, our conference superintendent ask some of us to name one of our heroes and tell why there were a hero. I wasn't asked, but I've been thinking about who they would be for me. There are so many. Rev. Donnor Lucas (Papa Lucas) would have to be one. He was my pastor for many years. I'd also have to say some of the students in my youth group - the ones making right decisions. Not that they make ALL the right decisions, but that they are making some, that they are working on it, that their relationship with Jesus is important enough that they are working on it. They are my heroes! Rock on Fusion Youth Group.

I'll be back later...

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