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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Great Christmas Present

Oops, I saved this as a "draft" and then forgot to send it. Well, here it is...

Each year I give me and my wife a special Christmas present. I call it the UNC game special (OK, I just made up that name). We went to the UNC vs. Florida Atlantic Univ. game. Good stuff. It was 65-18 at the half (yes UNC ahead). Those guys were rocking. Here is one really cool part - We had "nose-bleed" seats... cause thats the best I could do. Well, while were eating at Rhonda's favorite spot on Franklin St. - MacAlasters Deli, my friend Denise calls. "Hey we've got tickets to tonight's game!" she tells me. "He we do to," I reply. To make a long story short, we used our "nose-bleed" tickets to get in and sat with them... on the lower level... row Q! That's 17 rows from the floor for those keeping score. Wow! Best seats I've ever had! Fun time! Now, with my "special package" each year, we spend the day walking around UNC - esp. Franklin St. and the student store. Then we go to the game, then to the hotel - yes we stay in Chapel Hill over night... without the kids! The sad part is the next day its back home. Anyway - GREAT time!

Moral to the story: HEY, if you are married... make some "special" time with your spouse! If not, don't be "shacking up" after a game!

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