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Monday, May 21, 2007

Overcome Church Summer Slump with These Fresh Ideas

Found an interesting article on LifeWay Pastor's Today email. The article was to promote a new book by Diana Davis, Fresh Ideas: 1,000 Ways to Grow a Thriving and Energetic Church. They listed several in the article, I've copied three. My personal favorite is #2. It would be fun to see where everyone goes this summer.

Fresh Ideas
Summertime can be one of the most exciting seasons of the year for a church, offering expanded opportunities for church ministry. Here are a few fresh ideas.

1. Take it outside
Choose a beautiful summer Sunday and plan a morning or evening worship service outside on the church lawn or at a nearby park. Hang a banner to invite passersby to join you.

How about an outdoor movie night on a blank exterior wall, a softball tournament, or an all-church picnic?
Stage a quality outdoor music performance featuring your youth band, Vacation Bible School musical, praise team, choir or a guest performer or band.
Even better: plan a Christian music series on consecutive Sunday evenings.

2. I went to church in Kalamazoo
Create a large bulletin board titled “I went to church in…” When individuals or families travel for vacation or business this summer, ask them to take a photo in front of any church they attend, and attach it to the board with the church name.

3. Made you look
Attract attention to your church building by planting lush displays of God’s colorful flowers. Tight budget? Allow the children’s class to plant and water several packets of zinnia seeds.


Anonymous said...

sounds interesting

Jason Hannah said...


I'm trying to volunteer as much of my time as I can for a church in Council Bluffs Iowa called Walk of Grace Chapel by trying to come up with fresh ideas for the church. I appreciate seeing blog entries like this. Thanks for writing it!