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Monday, July 23, 2007

Eating in Wilson

I'm starting a new string (is that the right word?). It will be eating in Wilson, NC restaurants. We'll see how it goes.

Tonight, after getting a hair cut, we went to Chili's with Cecil & Ann Lemmons. Cecil cut my hair. They are both GREAT folks. Papa Cecil and Mema Ann. Our kids love them.

Rhonda and I split a couple of dishes. We ordered the Southwestern Egg Rolls off the appetizer menu along with the new Texas Cheese Fries. The Cheese Fries had cheese (of course), bacon and jalapenos on them. Ummmm good. The Southwestern Egg Rolls were great. They are a long-time favorite. We also ordered the Chicken Club Tacos. They were excellent. No we couldn't eat everything. We brought home a couple of boxes. The girls got the kids rib basket with broccoli and the pizza basket with baked apples. We also ordered chips and salsa for an appetizer. The Lemmons both ordered the Chicken Club Tacos. I'd recommend all the above ordered, except the pizza. Just didn't look good, but then it was a kids menu item.

I'll give it a 9 out of 10. The waiter was a bit slow, but he told us they were short handed and he seemed to be working half the tables in the restaurant. So we cut him some slack.

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about me said...

i like the rolls too - really good...hey, i'll do the bbq place, i just had 2 pounds of it delivered to my house...haven't dug in yet, it won't last long though...think about you guys when i eat that stuff - the best bbq!