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Friday, July 06, 2007

I tried to pray, I got nothing

Let's start with a "PS." - I started this post on July 6 and now it is July 10... so the first part is from the 6th and now I'll follow up ... well, now.

Are you always successful when you pray? How do you know, I mean right away? I've struggling with some ministry stuff lately and I found myself at home for a bit by myself, so I decided to pray. Good idea, right? I guess not. I tried. I really did. But basically I just knelt there and had nothing. Nothing to say, nothing by way of tears, nothing by way of suggestions to God (don't we usually have some suggestions for the Almighty or is it just me?). So I just knelt there. Here is what did come to mind. Jesus said He would send the Holy Spirit, the Comforter (John 16:7). That's what I needed. Jesus also said He would intercede for us to the Father. (Hebrews 7:25-26; Romans 8:26-28)I need that too. I had nothing - I'm glad they've got something. Did I mention that I had nothing? Well, I didn't. I just knelt there with nothing to say. I'm so glad I serve a BIG God who can handle it... even without my suggestions.

Now comes July 10th. I'm still struggling a bit. I guess I'm going through one of those "dark times." Yes, I know "Jesus is the Light" and all. I'm just struggling with my vision right now. I KNOW that I will come through it and will be better for it. It is just a bummer sometimes when you are IN IT!. Anyway, thank you in advance for your prayers. I also thank God for the comfort and in knowing He won't leave me or forsake me. I'm in Good hands.

I guess that is it for now...

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about me said...

praying for you man...call me if you need to talk...i'm in your corner