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Friday, July 20, 2007

Snip it

Ok, for a snip it of my life...

In the last two weeks:

  • I went to see Transformers with some boys from my youth group - great movie, great time with the guys.
  • My wife and girls are Virginia visiting my in-laws - be gone for a week.
  • I've spent more time reading other peoples blogs than writing my own (obviously).
  • Putting the finishing touches on a rafting trip.
  • Booked my trip to the National Youth Workers Convention in Atlanta. My wife will be going with me. How cool is that? She's never been interested in that before.
  • Been playing with my iPod. I've figured out how to play it through the Kids Zone and youth group sounds systems. So no more burning CDs for music. I'll just play it through the iPod. Very cool.
  • Got the church to get a subscription to www.powerpointsermons.com. They do really good stuff. I've been putting our pastor's sermon notes on SongShow for Sundays. A bit time consuming, but worth it. Of course I know what he is preaching before everyone else - that's kind of cool. Maybe I'll offer people a sneak peak for a price. Hmmmmm $$$$

I guess that's all for now. Time for bed.

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