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Sunday, August 19, 2007

In Summary

What's been going on lately? It seems like I get busier and busier at church. Home life is pretty even. My oldest daughter will be going to school, 3rd grade, a week from Monday. My youngest will go to a Christian Day School when no one is available to keep her.

Saw Bourne Ultimatum - great movie. Brings everything to a close. Great stuff. Used the shaky camera - looking like you are right there with the action.

Took the youth group to Busch Gardens Williamsburg - great time there. Rode the new Griffin roller coaster. Big-time fun! If you've not been and can go... get there soon. Stopped at Sonic on the way home.

Restructured our adult Sunday School program. We've had all the adults meeting together in the Fellowship Hall this summer. We've served a light breakfast each Sunday. Now we've combined out two "oldest" classes into one - the PrimeTimers. We brought back our "middle-adults" the Seekers. We are also creating a new class, HomeBuilders. This will be for married folks. We are hoping to pull in some of our couples who don't already come to Sunday School into this class.

Made changes in our Children's Ministry on Sunday mornings. We've really enjoyed the children all meeting together for the Sunday School and Church hours, but it has been difficult for the 3 main workers to keep it together. SO, we are going to have a large group start for the first 15 minutes, then the children go to their small groups - Sunday School. After Sunday School, they come back to the gym for a large group celebration (Worship, prayer, scripture memorization, object lesson, etc.). After the celebration they go to their Kids Zone worker of the day for a craft, Sunday School review, games etc. Our theme will be "God's Training Station."I'll be the Engineer. Our pastor will be the Conductor, of course. Sunday School teachers and Kids Zone workers will be Station Masters. Special helpers will be Porters and the children will be Stewards.

Joined a fantasy football league. This is a first for me. I've wanted to be in one for a while. In fact, I've kicked around the idea of having one at Shiloh, just haven't yet. This will give me a chance to check it out. Found out there are no girls in the league, so that takes care of the whole getting beat by a girl thing. So, there's that.

That's all for now. Getting ready for Fusion Live (youth service). Probably should be looking that over.

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about me said...

wow...long post for jeff...bourne is a great movie - he'd kick jack bauer's but anyday and still not know who he is...let me know about the fantasy football team...thinking about joining one myself.