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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Weekend

Took a break Saturday. The family and I went to the NC Farmer's Market. That was fun. We bought some fresh veggies, fresh baked bread and ate at the NC Seafood Restaurant - ummmm, good stuff. I went up to church when we got home - stayed for quite a while. We've made some major changes to Sunday School and children's ministry - had to get that taken care of.

Sunday was good. I stayed in Kids Zone for the morning then to the Glover's home for lunch. We stayed there most of the day then they came over to watch "The Pursuit of Happiness." Very good movie. Don't tell Rhonda I said that - I gave her a hard time about having to watch it. Before it came on I watched the USA basketball team with the FIBA gold medal. Love watching the USA team.

Monday was pretty good - off for labor day. We spent the whole day in the yard... doing yard work. Started about 9 AM and laid down for a rest after a shower about 3:30 PM. Good stuff. I'm still a bit sore.

Sports - Braves are... drifting to the bottom of the pile. Tarheels won their first game. Other teams I watched - Clemson beat FSU (called that one). Georgia Bulldogs won theirs (lived in GA 4 years - college - so I pull for the Dawgs, and my college roomie lives their and pulls for them). NCSU & Duke lost! Other than the Braves, my teams did pretty well.

Time for bed!

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