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Saturday, March 14, 2009

On Again Off Again

Seems like my blog is on again - off again. Not sure if I want to continue to commit to posting. I've got good intentions, but just not a lot of follow through - so many "things" in my life right now. I read a bunch of blogs and try to keep up with facebook.

Some of the blogs I read...

The Simple Dollar - great stuff about saving money, one of my favorite blogs to read

http://www.morethandodgeball.com/ - Josh Griffin from Simply Youth Ministry/Group/Saddleback Church

http://lifehacker.com/ - Just some real interesting stuff. Lots of general "stuff" - cooking, saving money, stuff about computer/Internet and much more. Really worth having in your downloader. I don't read everything - just look at the headers and read what is interesting.

The Minimalist - a really neat read from a guy who writes on dining for the NY Post. He doesn't post much, but it is interesting. Usually talks about something involving cooking, but in simple terms.

Student's Say the Darndest Things - Youth Pastors write in about what there student have said. Usually very funny. Mostly a one liner so not mush time involved. Check it out for a laugh.

Stuff Christians Like - Poking some serious fun at Christians. Check out some of his posts like "church hopping." Fun stuff - sometimes lengthy, but usually good.

Mark Batterson's Blog - good, interesting stuff

Statsheet - more stats on sports than you could EVER need. Of course I have my set on UNC.

Rick Womack - my room mate from college. He is on staff in the Georgia Conference for the IPHC.

Darien Gabriel - my good buddy. Used to be a youth pastor in Wilson, NC. We used to hang out, have lunch, talk. Then he took a demotion to become a Senior Pastor in Summerville, SC.

No, that's not all. But it is some of my favorites.

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