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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Book: Living Rich For Less, Ellie Kay

I just read a GREAT book on personal finances. Ellie Kay does an excellent job with "Living Rich for Less." She subtitles it, "Create the lifestyle you want by giving, saving, and spending smart." Her subtitle gives away the three sections of the book.

The book is written from an Christian perspective, but it is not "over the top." It could easily be read without thinking "church." The principles are there no matter what your faith. She promotes the 10/10/80 principle. Give 10%, Save 10%, Live on 80%. She goes on to tell you how to do just that, but not with theory only - she adds personal examples, examples from others as well as practical advice and tips.

I was very encouraged by the book. I've already made several changes based on what she suggested.

The book is also an easy read. You won't get bogged down. But at the same time, take your time. Don't hurry through the book. I'm going back through again.

Get your copy of the book at Amazon or FamilyChristian. It will be well worth your time and money.

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