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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Letter of Recomendation for Chelsey

I was asked to write a letter of recommendation for one of my students for a scholarship. When I finished the letter I thought I'd have a little fun with it. I used the basics of the letter to create a "new" and "improved" letter. I hope you liked it. Yes, I left her last name out on purpose.

Special thanks to Chelsey for not only asking me to write the letter, but also being the type of person that it is easy to write a great letter about.


May 15, 2007

I am submitting this letter of recommendation concerning Chelsey . I have known Chelsey since 2001 as the role of her Youth Pastor. During that time, I have found Chelsey to be dependable and always willing to help. She is often feeding the homeless and orphan children in town and the surrounding areas while tutoring in the subjects of math, lunch and darts. Chelsey also bakes bread for left-handed hippies while teaching thumb-wrestling to the neighborhood nerds. She actively participates in church functions including attending youth group activities, organizing senior citizen jell-o eating contests (of which she has won three), singing on the Church Worship Team, digging random ditches around the parking lot, and volunteering to work in the church nursery. She is also the official taste-tester for all church meals and is often seen in photographs.

She also translates all of the Sunday morning messages into Morse code and sends them out over her homemade CB. It is also rumored that she invented the Internet. Studies show that she will be able to stop global warming by 2009 – or at least March of 2010.

Chelsey drives the speed limit, buckles-up for safety and daily checks the air pressure in her car as well as everyone else’s car at her school parking lot and the hospital. She knows how to check photo IDs and fry chicken, both of which she can do under water.

Chelsey is truly concerned about others around her. She keeps a positive attitude even when running in circles with her eyes closed chasing away bullies from small children. She also has a great sense of humor. She never makes fun of people, well, almost never. If she does, I’m sure she has a good reason.

One of her special abilities is that she can fly. She can also rope a steer while eating a pickle and talking on the phone. She has done this while flying a kite, but only once.

Chelsey is trustworthy and responsible. One strong example of these traits is the fact that she is the primary babysitter for my two daughters who beg for my wife and me to go on a date so that Chelsey can come to keep them, she always brings them back. She knows the difference between real and pretend food. She bakes cookies, both kinds.

In conclusion, Chelsey really helps people. If it were not for the help she gives, that help would not be given. Of that, I am convinced.


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Anonymous said...

this is some pretty funny stuff. is chelsey single? I'd sure like to meet a woman like that!