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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Down the River we went

This past weekend I took a group to West Virginia for a rafting experience. We rafted the New River and had a blast. We went with Appalachian Wildwater again. This is our third time with this company and this same river. As far as I know it is the best deal out there. Great facilities - they have a pool and hot tub on site. They also have a game room with a pool table. We stayed in platform tents for two nights, they are really comfortable. Saturday, the day we rafted, we started with a great hot breakfast and then off for our bus ride to the put in spot. The first half of the trip was family class - not a lot of big stuff. We stopped half way down the river for a deli lunch and then on for the adventurous part of the trip. Great rapids - Great fun! When we finally made it back to the outpost, we were served dinner - choice of steak, chicken, salmon or spaghetti. All very good - I got the steak.

Sunday morning we had a service together - I talked about encouraging each other then about sharing our story with others. I ended with this:

We only called to share Jesus to the extent that we know him.

You see the woman at the well only told people, "come and see the man who told me everything I ever did." She didn't have some deep theological sermon to give, she wouldn't have been able to answer any questions - she told everything she knew about the great encounter of her life. THAT is what we are challenged to do - tell people about the greatest encounter of our lives - Jesus.

Pretty good I think.

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GBWY, James